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Get to Know Us

From the inception in 2016 to stepping away in 2022, we ran a popular virtual reality arcade chain in the midwestern US. As one of the first 10 virtual reality arcades in the US, we introduced a few hundred thousand to the world of virtual reality. 

We’ve learned a ton of dos and don’ts in the world of marketing VR Titles — and we’re not planning on repeating someone else’s mistakes. Running an arcade gave us plenty of insight into the publishing world as we curated our content, established partnerships with developers to offer their games, and traveled around the US to conventions in search of upcoming experiences. Between the arcade and our travels, we have met many industry experts in the world of video game publishing; and we were watching, learning, and collaborating for successful launches of our own. 

Virtual Reality Publishing

At its core, Clique Games is about ensuring good games get recognized. We have over 20 years combined experience in the VR industry and we use it to publish the best of the best Virtual Reality Games. We make VR Publishing Easy.

VR Arcade Marketing

With our background as VR arcade owners and marketers for the largestest VR Licensing platforms, our team is equipped with an incredibly unique skill -- Getting your game into almost every VR arcade in the world! Your experience can be offered in an arcade very close to you through Clique Games.

VR/AR/XR Development

Our in-house team develops and assists VR experiences! Whether you need help figuring out a bug or need a team to develope the perfect game, Clique Games has you covered. Ask us about how our dev team could help you reach your goals.

Industry Collaboration

Clique Games was founded to be open, transparent, and a resource above all else. We love collaborating with others in our industry! Whether you're another publishing studio or a solo dev looking for advice, we're always ready to work together and help.

20 Years

of Experience

The Clique Games team is made up of some of the most seasoned VR professionals in the industry. From Steam Greenlight in 2012 to one of the first 10 VR Arcades in the United States, our team has been enveloped in the world of VR gaming from its inception to today. 

Read more about each team member and when you're ready, learn how we're putting our expertise into action by publishing your project.

Founder, CEO


Brandon Egolf got his start a decade ago in Steam Community Marketing, running one of the largest online social media management companies for Steam Greenlight and Influencers. Looking to grow his skills in the future of gaming, Brandon joined Waylon as marketing director at Spectrum VR Arcade for over 5 years -- later becoming Owner. Brandon founded Clique Games in 2020 to bring his expertise to all game developers in the pursuit to de-mystify and make VR Publishing Easy.

Finance & Operations Director



A Purdue University Graduate turned Entrepreneur, Waylon Fisher was one of the Founders and CEOs of Spectrum VR Arcade. Being one of the first 7 VR Arcades to open in the United States, Waylon & Spectrum VR's reputation preceded them in the VR Industry. Looking to bring that experience around the world, Waylon joined Clique Games as co-CEO and director of Finance / Ops in 2021.

Marketing Director



Jon-Luke, Founder and CEO of Round Table Creative Consulting, used his Bachelors Degree to propel a newly formed company (Springboard VR) into the largest VR content licensing platform within 2 years. Now as a seasoned marketer specializing in brand development, launch strategies, and ROI for new businesses, Jon-Luke's skills are on full display at Clique Games.


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