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Clique Games Influencer


Job Type


About the Role

If you are an online content creator who has or is covering VR games, you're in the right spot!

We're looking to offer some of the most creative and energetic influencers an exclusive set of opportunities that no one else will get.



  • Must have an existing online brand of over 50,000 followers via any platform

  • Created, Edited VR social content

  • Have gathered a strong community with consistent returning viewers

  • Been a creator for over a year

About the Company

Clique Games is a VR Publishing studio dedicated to creating and publishing the most innovative, re-playable, and exciting games. At Clique Games we don't focus on crushing deadlines and unrealistic work schedules -- it's about releasing games when they're ready. You'll work alongside VR industry veterans to push the bounds of what VR means and create amazing experiences.

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