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Community Manager


Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Community Management is incredibly important to Clique Games and all the games to publish. This community manager role should be filled by someone with a deep love for gaming, public speaking, and event planning.

You'll be planning large events for Discord, In-Game Events, and real life conventions. Along with events you'll also be looking for new convention, awards, trends, and platforms that Clique Games should be a part of!



  • High School diploma or equivalent

  • College degree in business-related field, preferred

  • 2 years minimum experience of relationship building and community building, required


  • Strong community presence

  • Knowledge/Abilities of developing long term relationships online with communities

  • Professional appearance and demeanor, good interpersonal relations skills, and positive and optimistic outlook.

  • Ability to interact with the public in a manner which promotes the interest of the Clique Games.

  • Strong knowledge of gaming and VR

  • Strong leadership and coaching skills

  • Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationship with management, peers, employees, and vendors.

  • Good understanding of online institution products and services.

  • Strong analytical, project management and presentation skills

  • Knowledge of markets, competitor activities, problems and developing trends within assigned area

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

About the Company

Clique Games is a VR Publishing studio dedicated to creating and publishing the most innovative, re-playable, and exciting games. At Clique Games we don't focus on crushing deadlines and unrealistic work schedules -- it's about releasing games when they're ready. You'll work alongside VR industry veterans to push the bounds of what VR means and create amazing experiences.

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