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Unity Porting Developer


Job Type


About the Role

We're always bringing our VR titles to multiple platforms and headsets from around the world. This position will have you porting our existing titles to those different devices.

Depending on the size of these projects you may be working solo or alongside a team. This work is intermittent but the skills required stay the same.



  • +4 years of relevant professional experience in a similar role.

  • Deep knowledge of Unity.

  • Deep knowledge of .NET and C# and Game Architecture Design.

  • C++/Obj C knowledge (for plugins)

  • VR Games Experience

  • Understanding game backend systems.

  • Ability to work independently and to be self-directing.

  • Demonstrable ability to discover and fix errors in code.

  • Strong organizational skills with a good sense of design with outstanding communication skills.

  • Passion for making and playing innovative games.

  • Languages: English is a must.

About the Company

Clique Games is a VR Publishing studio dedicated to creating and publishing the most innovative, re-playable, and exciting games. At Clique Games we don't focus on crushing deadlines and unrealistic work schedules -- it's about releasing games when they're ready. You'll work alongside VR industry veterans to push the bounds of what VR means and create amazing experiences.

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