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Clique Games Adds Spooky Updates to their VR Game Lineup

It’s officially Spooky Season! To celebrate here at Clique Games, we worked with our game developers to offer some spook-tacular Halloween updates to help you get into the spirit of it all! Check out the limited time updates on our games below!

Zombie Mode in Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR

Dragon Fist VR now features a brand new Zombie Mode where you can fully immerse yourself into the Halloween season by taking on Kung Fu Zombies! You’ll find new enemy models, unique environments, spooky Halloween decorations, and a new leaderboard! Play against waves of undead foes or join them in Undead Mode where you and your opponent are zombified with new appearances, pressure points, breathing, and voices.

Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR is available to play now on Steam and AppLab.


Rogue Ascent “Bone” Skin

You’ve heard of hand tracking, now get ready for Bone Tracking! For Halloween Rogue Ascent is featuring all new skeleton hand models so you can become an undead nightmare for your enemies. You’ll also be able to find Halloween exclusive pick ups and items in game!

Rogue Ascent is available to play now on Oculus Quest on via Applabs.


Coffin Rot: Increased Spawn Rate for Pumpkin Spice

Halloween has finally escaped the Debt Collector’s claws and is invading Coffin Rot’s bar! Skeletons broke into the pumpkin supply and now can wear them while they attack. Captains are more thirsty and are looking for that sweet pumpkin spice latte they adore. Hop back into your favorite undead tavern and get to servin’.

Coffin Rot Brewing Co. is available to play now on Applabs and Steam.


We wish everyone a very Happy Halloween this Spooky Season!


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