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Clique Games Introduces “Clique BOOM”: Amplifying Grassroots Marketing for Indie Developers

We are proud to unveil an innovative initiative that marks a significant leap forward in the world of indie game development.

Introducing Clique BOOM, a revolutionary program that harnesses the essence of Clique Games' foundation - grassroots marketing - to empower indie titles with unparalleled exposure and support throughout their journey.

Clique BOOM is a dedicated platform for Marketing for Indie Developers designed to extend a helping hand to titles that might lack a straightforward path to official stores, providing them with the full spectrum of marketing, public relations, media coverage, and expertise typically reserved for high-profile releases. While many publishers might shy away from unconventional projects, Clique BOOM embraces them wholeheartedly, recognizing the potential in every unique concept.

Unlike traditional publisher relationships that involve recoupable expenses, Clique BOOM operates on a completely different model. The platform invests non-recoupable labor, time, and resources into every project, bearing the risk entirely on its shoulders. If a campaign doesn't achieve the desired results, Clique BOOM accepts the loss without burdening the developers.

Clique BOOM boasts a dedicated team exclusively focused on these distinctive titles, specializing in non-paid grassroots marketing strategies. The platform offers the same comprehensive services that Clique Games provides to its in-house titles, but with a laser focus on launches and special events. This ensures that resources are used efficiently to maximize impact.

The Clique BOOM program covers every stage of a game's journey, including pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases. Moreover, a two-week campaign is conducted once every quarter to maintain the game's presence in the market. As part of the commitment to fostering indie creativity, Clique BOOM equips developers with the tools and resources necessary to propel their own projects.

"We believe that every game deserves a chance to shine, regardless of its journey to market," says Waylon Fisher, COO of Clique Games. "Clique BOOM encapsulates our dedication to nurturing indie talent, providing the resources and expertise they need to thrive."

Two titles, Samurai VR and Bubbbles, are already set to debut under the Clique BOOM banner. Samurai VR immerses players in a fierce battle against waves of ninjas, while Bubbbles challenges players' wits in a captivating VR puzzle experience.

Ben Olding, CEO of Ben Olding Games and creator of Bubbbles, shares his enthusiasm for the platform: "Clique BOOM's commitment to unique concepts aligns perfectly with our vision for Bubbbles. We're thrilled to partner with them and unleash our game's potential."

Artem, the lead developer behind Samurai VR expresses excitement about the collaboration: "Clique BOOM's approach is refreshing and invigorating. I'm excited to take Samurai VR to new heights with their expertise."

Enroll Your VR Game in the Clique Boom Program!

Clique Games invites indie developers to seize this exceptional opportunity and join the Clique BOOM program. For more information, potential partners are encouraged to reach out to the team at


About Clique Games

Clique Games is a pioneering VR publisher committed to pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment. With a passion for innovation, Clique Games creates immersive experiences that captivate and inspire players worldwide.


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