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Conquer the Heights with Monkey Doo's "King of the Hill" Update!

Hey Adventurers!

We're thrilled to announce the "King of the Hill" update for Monkey Doo is now live! Get ready to test your climbing skills and strategize to stay on top in this exhilarating new game mode.

Here’s what you can expect in the latest update:

New Game Mode: King of the Hill

The main highlight of this update is the all-new game mode, King of the Hill. Your objective? Be the first to stay at the top of the map for 60 seconds to claim victory. This fast-paced, competitive environment will challenge you to think quickly and act even faster.

Exciting New Map Features

To keep things interesting, we’ve added bouncy lily mushrooms and pulley systems to the new maps. These features will help you navigate and climb your way to the top, adding a dynamic element to the gameplay.

Multiple Maps for Varied Gameplay

King of the Hill won’t be limited to just one map. We’re making this exciting game mode available on at least 2-3 additional maps, each offering unique challenges and environments to keep you engaged.

Optimized Monkey Doo's Climbing Mechanics

The Monkey Doo team has put a lot of effort into optimizing the climbing mechanics. You’ll experience smooth and responsive controls, making your climbs feel natural and immersive. They’ve also enhanced the interaction with the new map features for a better overall experience.

Improved Gameplay Experience

The team has worked hard to balance the difficulty of the new game mode to ensure fair competition for all players. Along with these adjustments, we’ve made several performance improvements to ensure seamless, uninterrupted action.

Bug Fixes and Performance Optimizations

As always, we’ve made general performance optimizations and fixed minor bugs to improve the overall stability and enjoyment of the game.

Get ready to dominate the heights with the "King of the Hill" update. Climb, strategize, and prove you have what it takes to be the king of Monkey Doo!

The Summit Awaits—Conquer It!

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy climbing!

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