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Dive into the Adventure with Monkey Doo’s "Underwater Update"!

Updated: Jun 3

Are you ready to take your VR gaming experience to new depths? Introducing the "Underwater Update" for Monkey Doo, available now! This update is designed to immerse you in thrilling new adventures and keep your gameplay fresh and exciting.


What's New in the "Underwater Update"?

  • New Battle Pass: Unlock exclusive underwater-themed cosmetics that let you customize your avatar with the coolest aquatic gear.

  • Harpoo’n Gun: Experience the all-new Harpoo’n gun, equipped with grappling power to enhance your navigation and combat skills.

  • Flooded Ruby Mine: We’ve transformed the Ruby Mine into an underwater labyrinth. Test your swimming skills and explore this challenging new environment.

  • Unlockable Secrets: Discover limited-time secrets hidden throughout the update, rewarding the most adventurous explorers.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to dive into an ocean of new content and challenges. Prepare to explore the depths of Monkey Doo's latest adventure. Join us and experience the excitement of the "Underwater Update"—where every dive is a new discovery!

The Adventure Awaits—Dive In!

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