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Groundbreaking VR Roguelite Wave Shooter "Undead Quest" Launches on AppLab

Updated: Nov 7

Hey Clique Gamers!

We are ecstatic to announce the upcoming release of "Undead Quest," an innovative VR rogue-lite wave shooter developed by Theia Games. Gamers around the world can dive into this unique adventure starting on October 26th, 2023, on AppLab.

"Undead Quest" brings a fresh and immersive gaming experience to the virtual reality realm, where players become magical university students thrust into a world filled with quirky undead foes. Armed with a bat and a levitating magic ball, players will engage in a thrilling adventure, facing waves of enemies and using spells, alchemy, and their own skillset to uncover the secrets of the Undead.

Waylon Fisher, COO of Clique Games, expressed his excitement for the release, stating, "We are excited to introduce 'Undead Quest' to the VR gaming community. This game pushes the boundaries of what's possible in virtual reality, offering a dynamic and captivating experience that keeps players engaged and entertained. We believe that this game will captivate both VR enthusiasts and new players alike, and we can't wait to see the response it receives."

In "Undead Quest," players will assume the role of a magical university student who, after celebrating a semi-final victory with their local magical cricket team, wakes up in a forest to face waves of quirky undead creatures. The mystery of where these undead came from and who unleashed them upon the world becomes the central quest.

The game's unique game loop features players using a paddle and ball to defeat undead creatures, earning progress points and mana points. Progress points can be exchanged for upgrades that enhance the gameplay within the current season, while mana points can be used for permanent improvements.

The game is structured into seasons, with each season consisting of 3-4 episodes in distinct environments. Players can customize their skill set with up to six diverse upgrades that can be improved up to five times. With each new season, the upgrade set resets, challenging players to adapt and develop new unique skill sets.

In the words of Konstantin Feoktistov, lead developer and CEO of Theia Games, "We wanted to create a game that blends intense action with strategic decision-making, all in the immersive VR environment. 'Undead Quest' combines magic, alchemy, and reflexes, offering players a dynamic, ever-evolving experience that is sure to keep them on the edge of their seats."

Upon completing a season, players gain access to the survival mode of the completed season, where they must survive against even stronger waves of enemies, aiming for the highest score on leaderboards and additional artifact bonuses.

"Undead Quest" is set to revolutionize the world of VR gaming, promising hours of entertainment, strategy, and action. Don't miss the opportunity to embark on this incredible adventure when the game releases on October 26th, 2023, exclusively on Oculus App Lab.

For more information about Undead Quest, please visit the official website at, or click below to join the Undead Quest Discord.


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