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Live Stream: Coffin Rot Brewing Co. by ZStorm

Ever wanted to horde massive amounts of Booty in VR? Well you've come to the right place! Get ready for some swashbuckling adventures in Coffin Rot Brewing Co, an epic undead bartending shootout game where you have to defend your booty from the debt collector and their undead minion army!


About Coffin Rot Brewing Co.

Experience an intense and immersive dive into the watery underworld of pirate bartending! Build out your tavern, raise your fortunes, strengthen your firepower! Lest we forget -- greed in this world can never be sated. Down here, new management means nothing to those still collecting on the debt of your infamous, tomb-sunken father! The dreaded Debt Collector is coming. Will you be prepared?


Tend: Whip up drinks for your ghostly patrons and pile your wealth on high. Keep a clean bartop and you're certain to attract the finest of the Captains to brave the sea. Earn every piece of gold you can muster- you'll need it!

Defend: Use your arsenal to blast away an army of mangy little skellies lead by the Tomblord. They've been reanimated just to clean you out! Defend your booty with all you've got!

Spend: Extend your bar for additional seating, unlock powerful new weapons, traps, items, and gizmos to pit your wits against your enemies!

Ascend: Rack up combos and kills to increase your score. Track local highscores and compete against your fellow freebooters to earn the title of the highest-ranking barlord in the depths!

Cosmetics: Swap out your ghoulie parts through gameplay challenges!

Immerse: Fill your role with a full range of motion behind the counter!

Easter Eggs: Many treasures here to find, explore the secrets left behind!

Learn more about and buy Coffin Rot Brewing Co.

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