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Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo VR Launches on AppLab

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

PRESS RELEASE - VR Publisher Clique Games is thrilled to announce the official launch of Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo VR on AppLab, Meta Quest's platform that provides a streamlined solution to build, test, and deploy custom apps--effective January 31st, 2023.

Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo, a free-to-play multiplayer VR game, where players are monkeys racing to collect bananas while trying to sabotage each other with monkey "doo doo" throws, has already created a strong community and viral awareness throughout development-- generating over 5k Discord users during early-access.

It was announced in early December that Clique Games had partnered with Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo and will serve as the publisher for this highly-anticipated VR title.

"Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo is a true masterpiece of VR gaming and we're thrilled to bring it to players on AppLab. Our commitment to delivering the best multiplayer VR experiences is reflected in this game, and we can't wait for players to join the monkey madness." said Brandon Egolf, Co-Founder & CEO of Clique Games. “With its fast-paced action, hilarious physics, and free-to-play aspect, it's a game that is sure to put a smile on players' faces and bring them together with friends.”

Continuum XR, the studio behind the game, has a history of creating immersive experiences using cutting-edge technology. “Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo VR is a perfect example of what can be achieved in VR gaming. The combination of fast-paced action, intuitive controls, and comedic elements makes for a truly unforgettable gaming experience,” said Michael Murdock, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Continuum XR. “We're proud to have brought this game to life and can't wait for players to join the community and start throwing some monkey doo doo.”

Like many development studios, Continuum XR was confident in their abilities to create amazing experiences, and wanted to keep doing just that. “We have a very creative team and we know we can do amazing game development. Once we knew we had something special on our hands, we wanted to continue focusing on the game – and have a publisher help us get it to the masses. With this strategy we could maximize the user experience and not get distracted by the marketing and publishing side of things.“ stated Murdock, Continuum XR CCO. “Clique Games was the perfect fit because like us, they saw the potential in the game. They also move fast like we do, and our visions aligned with the road map of where this game could go. While we did vet out other publishers, it really felt like a slam dunk from the beginning with the Clique Games team.”


Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo is available for purchase on AppLab


About Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo

Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo is a free-to-play, unique locomotion, multiplayer game where players are monkeys who race to collect bananas and throw monkey “doo doo” at other players to gain a competitive edge.

The game is known for its unique locomotion, fast-paced gameplay, and scalability of multiplayer game modes. The highly stylized art style, focus on fun, and emphasis on community building have already generated a strong and engaged following for the game.

Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo is designed to be a hilarious blend of action and physics and aims to bring together the best parts of VR into one game. The game's developers and publisher, Clique Games, have plans for continued expansion of the game's features and are committed to maximizing the user experience.

Key Features

Grab to move Use your hands and the environment to move through the jungle. Search Search for bananas around the trees. Spend Purchase new cosmetics to make your monkey your own. Take Aim Grab some doo doo and toss it at your enemies to steal their bananas! Survive Avoid the alligator in the middle and the dangerous current that will sweep you away!

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About Clique Games

Clique Games is a VR publisher & developer that seeks to push Virtual Reality to new heights. Whether it be Hand-Tracking technologies or advanced physics simulation, Clique Games always reaches higher to set a new bar for what VR gaming can be. Clique Games are high octane, infinitely replayable, and accessible for all players.

About Continuum XR

We believe Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Web3 blockchain technology are the foundation that will become the next evolution of human interaction. At Continuum, we are harnessing these innovative technologies to create unforgettable experiences!

About Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo VR

Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo is a unique locomotion, multiplayer game where players are monkeys who race to collect bananas and throw monkey “doo doo” at other players to gain a competitive edge.

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