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Purdue Master’s Graduates Launch Sci-Fi VR Shooter "Rogue Ascent VR" on Official Meta Quest Store

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

PRESS RELEASE - Clique Games is proud to announce Rogue Ascent VR, a Revolutionary Sci-Fi VR Shooter with Seamless Hand-Tracking Technology, is now available for purchase on the Official Meta Quest store.

Menlo Park, CA – Nooner Bear Studio, a game development studio led by Purdue Master’s Graduate Jordan McGraw, has launched its highly anticipated sci-fi VR shooter, Rogue Ascent VR, on the official Meta Quest store. The game features seamless hand-tracking technology that allows players to control their movements and weapons with precision and ease, providing a truly immersive and unique VR experience.

Rogue Ascent VR began as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2021 and quickly gained the attention of Clique Games, who signed on as their publisher. In June of 2022, the game became one of the first virtual reality titles to offer native Twitch integration that enables streaming communities to engage directly with streamers in-game.

"Most Quest Owners are passionate, proud VR enthusiasts who got into it because they wanted to be a part of the next wave of technology," said Jordan McGraw, founder of Nooner Bear Studio. "VR enthusiasts are constantly seeking out innovative and high-quality experiences, while also searching for modern iterations of their favorite genres that they can replay endlessly."

With Rogue Ascent VR, Nooner Bear Studio aims to provide VR enthusiasts with the cutting-edge experience they've been waiting for. The game features a fully intuitive hand-tracking combat system and a layered dynamic soundtrack that changes based on the player's decisions, offering a new style of gameplay and experience like never before.

In Rogue Ascent VR, players must find weapons, gain perks, and craft upgrades to complete each level and save the planet!

Jordan McGraw, CEO of Nooner Bear Studio, continued, "We are thrilled to finally launch Rogue Ascent VR on the official Meta Quest store. This game has been a passion project for us since our Kickstarter campaign almost 2 years ago, and we are excited to share it with the VR community. With our seamless hand-tracking technology and innovative gameplay, we believe Rogue Ascent VR is the cutting-edge experience that VR enthusiasts have been waiting for."

Brandon Egolf, co-founder and CEO of Clique Games, added, "We are proud to partner with Nooner Bear Studio on the release of Rogue Ascent VR. As a publisher, our goal is to support talented developers and bring their innovative games to market. We believe Rogue Ascent VR is an exciting addition to the Meta Quest store and will offer players a unique and memorable VR experience."

Click below to download Rogue Ascent VR on the Official Meta Quest Store.


About Clique Games

Clique Games is a VR publisher & developer that seeks to push Virtual Reality to new heights. Whether it be Hand-Tracking technologies or advanced physics simulation, Clique Games always reaches higher to set a new bar for what VR gaming can be. Clique Games are high octane, infinitely replayable, and accessible for all players.

About Nooner Bear Studio

Nooner Bear Studio is an Indianapolis based VR development studio lead by Jordan McGraw. Jordan received his master of science in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University, and has worked with Virtual Reality in gaming, data visualization, science, and medicine. Nooner Bear Studio focuses on using emerging technology to create fun, engaging, and immersive experiences for Virtual Reality.

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