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Rogue Ascent VR Update Includes New "Onslaught" Game Mode, New Weapons & More

New Game Mode - "Onslaught"

Onslaught is Rogue Ascent's new game mode that puts you directly into the action. Show off your skills and rock that old high score! This high-octane action mode will

have you tuning all of your favorite weapons to survive waves of brutal aliens!

New Craftable Weapons

Rogue Ascent's weapon crafting system adds a whole new layer of engineering to your gameplay. Heavy lead or death by a thousand cuts? You build the weapons, you deck the mods.

  • Plasma Sniper


  • Deagle

  • AK


  • G36

  • P90

  • Scar

New Gadgets & Perks

Your gadgets are your key to victory in Rogue Ascent. Use tactical knowledge to your advantage while unleashing enormous firepower at your enemy.

  • Gigahertz Chip: Bonus damage scaled by timewarp

  • Eclipse: Blocking damage marks the attacker

  • Hemogolden: Collecting gold restores health

New Enemies to Fight

Fend off the new Rollermine Enemy Unit using skill and wit! Be wary, though. These enemies won't go down without a fight.


Real Life Player Reviews:

"Whoever made this game somehow managed to squeeze the most fun I’ve had in vr into 500 megabytes. Thanks!"

"Absolutely the most fun game I’ve ever played on vr. Each of the classes are so much fun and I really like the idea of being able to approach a fight however I’d like! Definitely my most favorite game on quest, Im so excited for the different game modes to come out!"

"Just awesome how this game takes full advantage of hand-tracking !! Very intuitive gestures, well calibrated resulting a great gameplay ! And more, the game itself is a very good rogue-like, in a sci-fi universe with beautiful retro graphics."


You can purchase Rogue Ascent on the Oculus Store via Applab below:


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