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Rogue Ascent's Sandbox Update and Zombie Compound Arrive on Meta Quest!

We are excited to announce the Sandbox Update for Rogue Ascent, launching exclusively on Meta Quest this May 4th! This groundbreaking update introduces a completely new way to play and interact within the virtual world of Rogue Ascent, adding layers of customization and thrilling new challenges, including the eerie Zombie Compound scenario.

Dive Into a New Realm of Possibilities

Since its inception, Rogue Ascent has pushed the boundaries of immersive VR gameplay with its intuitive hand-tracking combat and dynamic environments. With the Sandbox Update, we take this innovation further, offering players unprecedented control over their gaming experience.

What’s New in the Sandbox Update?

Total Creative Freedom: The Sandbox mode transforms Rogue Ascent into a playground of your making. From modifying game mechanics to crafting unique combat scenarios, the power is entirely in your hands.

Zombie Compound: Venture into the infection scenario at the back of the facility where the simulation chamber is converted into a high-walled zombie compound teeming with the undead. This thrilling addition allows players to bring any loadout or ruleset into the zombie house and unleash havoc in a fight for survival.

Custom Combat Scenarios: Use scenario kiosks to set up your own rules and challenges, crafting everything from simple combat exercises to complex tactical engagements.

Experiment and Explore: With unlocked crafting tables and an item vending shop, test out various weapon configurations and gear setups to find what best suits your style.


Experience the Ultimate VR Sandbox

The Sandbox Update not only enhances the game's features but also redefines how players interact with the virtual world of Rogue Ascent. Whether you’re testing new tactics or simply letting your imagination run wild, the Sandbox is your space to play your way.

Get Ready to Fight the Undead

The addition of the Zombie Compound introduces a whole new level of excitement and challenge. Prepare to defend against waves of zombies in a scenario where anything goes. Tailor your strategies and gear to survive the onslaught and prove your prowess in this ultimate test of survival.

Enter the Sandbox

Step into the Sandbox and the Zombie Compound on Meta Quest. The update is not just an addition—it's a revolution in VR gaming, providing you with endless opportunities to create, challenge, and enjoy. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to Rogue Ascent, these new features will offer fresh challenges and spectacular moments for everyone.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the launch, and get ready to redefine your VR gaming experience with Rogue Ascent's Sandbox Update. Let your creativity lead the way in the ultimate VR adventure!

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