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VR Combat Fighting Game “Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR” Adds LIV Support to Further Empower VR Creators

PRESS RELEASE - Game publisher Clique Games has announced that Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR, a first-person VR Kung Fu combat fighter game, has added in-game LIV support to give Creators even more tools and opportunities to create high-quality, engaging content for their viewers.

UNITED KINGDOM – Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR, a first-person VR Kung Fu combat fighter game, has added in-game LIV support to give Creators even more tools and opportunities to create high-quality, engaging content for their viewers. Dragon Fist offers a more organic style of combat fighter to the Virtual Reality gaming world. With 40+ different characters to choose from each with their unique styles, human body pressure points to master, and multiple stages to overcome, Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR allows players to step into their very own Kung Fu movie.

Ben Olding of Ben Olding Games, the developer of Dragon Fist saw that the players wanted LIV support early on, but was unsure how it would fit into the game. “Dragon Fist is physical and lends itself to a bit of roleplaying, so it makes sense that so many people would want to show off their real Kung Fu moves on camera and mix into game footage via LIV's Mixed reality. But also it opens up possibilities of putting in custom avatars, so content creators can use their own avatars or put in new characters that might make for good video footage, particularly with the use of Full Body Tracking - supported by LIV and Dragon Fist.” Because Ben Olding is fairly protective of the games theme and atmosphere, he had some reluctance early on, but said he “eventually figured that if someone wants to publicize the game by playing as Spiderman or something, then I shouldn't stop them. So far its been fun seeing the things people have come up with.”

It wasn’t until LIV reached out offering their help that it seemed like adding LIV support could become a reality for Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR. “The team at LIV seemed very enthusiastic and were a pleasure to work with. They put me in touch with the developer to help answer any questions I had, which made implementing it very straightforward. They also tested the game with full body tracking for me and gave me a few ideas about how to optimize a few things.“ said Ben. He continues, “LIV itself is so easy to add and from now on I will be adding it to all of my games and prototypes. It can be hard to properly convey the VR experience in flat screen videos and LIV can really help show how a player fits into the virtual world.”

With LIV support, Content Creators and Streamers can now capture themselves inside of Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR, which makes their content much more engaging for viewers. “My hope is that it will enable the creators to be more creative with their videos, and show off themselves as well the game in many different ways.” said Ben Olding.

Isaiah Chavan at LIV, was excited that Dragon Fist added LIV support, and sees Dragon Fist as a great fit for LIV support and Content Creators. “This is going to be one of the coolest LIV integrations to date. The game looks fabulous in mixed reality or playing with avatars.”

Brandon Egolf, Co-Founder & CEO of Clique Games–and Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR’s publishing partner, sees this as a big win for VR Content Creators. “LIV is a must have for any VR influencer's tool belt especially now that Dragon Fist supports it! Seeing yourself (or your avatar) in Dragon Fist makes the action and chaos of the gameplay even more hilarious and thrilling for viewers. For the first time you can show off how cool you feel while playing!“ He continues, “As a VR publisher, half of our job is capturing high quality content in VR. The main struggle we face is making a viewer feel the VR experience while sitting at home, and LIV is a huge part of bridging that gap. With LIV we can use a real actor to let viewers at home imagine themselves in the game, kicking tons of ass, without spending hundreds of hours and loads of money on alternatives such as fully 3d rendered promo scenes.”

What can Creators do with LIV support?

LIV allows you to share your VR adventures with your friends, family and fans using best-in-class VR capture technology

  • Complete Avatar & VTubing functionality

    • Including support for up to 14 point tracking, mouth animations, eye animations and bindable expressions (coming soon)

  • Industry leading Mixed Reality Capture features

    • Including machine-learning based background removal

  • Go above and beyond

    • With features suchs as LUTs, Filters and advanced Avatar calibration


About Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR

In Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR, Players Must Defeat the Dragon Master...After Defeating Everyone Else.

When a powerful, ruthless master emerges in the world of martial arts, it awakens many emotions. From the ambitious master looking for a challenge, to the wronged peasant sworn to revenge, to the jealous emperor who wants to be the sole ruler of the people, it causes many people to fight each other to achieve their own selfish goals. Players must face these opponents on their way to find and defeat the Dragon Master once and for all.

Full-Body Tracking

With full-body tracking recently added to the SteamVR version, Dragon Fist has the potential to be one of the most advanced titles for VR Immersion. “If any game is a good fit for full body tracking, it's Dragon Fist. So I wanted to make it feel like a proper part of the game, as if the game was designed for it from the start” said Ben Olding.

Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR is available to play now on Steam and AppLab.


About LIV

LIV is your complete toolset for VTubing, Mixed Reality Capture and VR native utilities like in-headset stream chat, alerts and notifications.

About Ben Olding Games

Ben Olding is a UK independent game developer and has produced games including Warlords: Call to Arms, Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy, and the Dragon Fist series

About Clique Games

Clique Games is a VR publisher & developer that seeks to push Virtual Reality to new heights. Whether it be Hand-Tracking technologies or advanced physics simulation, Clique Games always reaches higher to set a new bar for what VR gaming can be. Clique Games are high octane,

infinitely replayable, and accessible for all players.

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