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Clique Games Unveils NEOLITHIC DAWN™ Development Roadmap

As we continue to build anticipation for NEOLITHIC DAWN™, our latest VR survival game crafted by the talented team at Neolithic LLC, the entire Clique Games team is thrilled to offer our community a detailed look at the path to launch. With a scheduled release in late 2024, we are committed to full transparency and engagement throughout the development process. To facilitate this, we are proud to announce the release of NEOLITHIC DAWN™ Development Roadmap, now available on the NEOLITHIC DAWN™ website.

Explore the Development Roadmap

The Development Roadmap lays out the timeline and key milestones we are targeting as we head towards the release of NEOLITHIC DAWN™. It details the introduction of groundbreaking survival mechanics, the expansion of the game's dynamic environments, and other significant enhancements. Our roadmap is designed to give you a clear view of what to expect and when to expect it, providing a timeline that leads right up to the exciting moment of release.

Stay Updated with NEOLITHIC DAWN™ Devlog

To complement the roadmap, Clique Games and the Neolithic team have launched a Devlog, which will feature regular updates directly from the development trenches. Here, you will find in-depth discussions on new technologies being integrated, design challenges being tackled, and the creative solutions the team is excited to implement. The Devlog is perfect for those who wish to follow the dev team's progress and get a behind-the-scenes look at how a top-tier VR game comes to life.

Why These Updates Matter

For gamers and VR enthusiasts alike, the Development Roadmap and Devlog are not just informational resources—they are invitations to join us on this journey. They offer a transparent look at our development process and show how your feedback can play a role in refining the game. We believe that the best games are made better with community input, and these tools help bridge the gap between our team and you, our players.

Join Us on This Prehistoric Adventure

We encourage everyone to visit the Clique Games website to check out the Development Roadmap and delve into our Devlog. Your excitement and insights are vital as NEOLITHIC DAWN™ progresses through its final phases of development. Be part of this adventure, help us shape the game, and gear up for an extraordinary VR experience upon its release.

Stay connected, stay involved, and prepare to step back in time with NEOLITHIC DAWN™, brought to you by Clique Games and Neolithic LLC.


The Clique Games Team

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