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About us

Who is Clique Games?

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Arcade Owners

Since 2017, we’ve run a popular virtual reality arcade chain in the midwestern US. As one of the first 10 virtual reality arcades in the US, we have introduced a few hundred thousand to the world of virtual reality. Still going strong today, we stand as one of the longest running VR arcades.

We’ve learned a ton of dos and don’ts in the world of marketing VR Titles — and we’re not planning on repeating someone else’s mistakes. Running an arcade gave us plenty of insight into the publishing world as we curated our content, established partnerships with developers to offer their games, and traveled around the US to conventions in search of upcoming experiences. Between the arcade and our travels, we have met many industry experts in the world of video game publishing; and we were watching, learning, and collaborating for successful launches of our own. 

Our Mission

Push the Limits

Clique Games is publishing and creating VR titles that push VR to new heights. Whether it be Hand-Tracking technologies or advanced physics simulation, Clique Games always reaches higher to set a new bar for what VR gaming can be. 

Remember the Player

As one of the first VR Arcade owners, we've seen more people play VR for the first time than anyone else on the planet. We've seen more people come back for the 80th time too! We know what people do and don't like in VR, we know what does and doesn't work, and we know how to create catchy games you keep coming back for.

Bring the Arcade Home.

Our games are high octane, infinitely replayable, and accessible for all players. Our time at the VR Arcade has shown us how much players love Arcade titles in VR. Games that are easy to pick up, put down, and return to without having to remember a million things from their last session. 

Meet the Team


Brandon Egolf

Founder, CEO

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Waylon Fisher



Autumn Spano

Head of Video Production


Positions Available

Clique Games is looking to expand our team. This page will show available opportunities for developers, artists, and more. 


Sales Representative

This role puts you at the front lines of the ever growing Meta-Verse space, helping to create more connected experiences for companies around the globe. Working directly with a Senior Sales Representative you'll help companies plan, and put into action, an unbelievable VR experience that will 'wow' their customers/clients.

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