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Clique Games Announces "Small Bots" for Apple Vision Pro

On the Cutting Edge of Spatial Gaming, “Small Bots” brings Nostalgia and Innovation to the Highly Anticipated Apple Vision Pro 

Clique Games proudly announces the publishing of Small Bots exclusively for Apple Vision Pro. Developed by Atlantika Interactive and published by Clique Games, Small Bots is a groundbreaking spatial game custom-built for Apple Vision Pro. Slated for launch on February 2, 2024, Small Bots invites players to a world where nostalgia meets futuristic gameplay, utilizing the most natural and intuitive inputs possible — a user’s eyes and hands —to help define the spatial gaming experience. 

Atlantika Interactive, with their publisher, Clique Games, are set to introduce the world to the power of spatial gaming with their latest title, Small Bots--built exclusively for the groundbreaking Apple Vision Pro. Small Bots offers players an unparalleled spatial mech shooter experience, blending the thrill of childhood adventures with futuristic, hand-tracking gameplay. 

Small Bots shrinks players down into the size of a toy and places them into a nostalgically familiar, childhood dream. Players must navigate their now massive rooms and battle googly-eyed everyday items while using intuitive hand-tracking controls. The game blends the roguelike survival of Vampire Survivors with the power fantasy fun of Vox Machinae. Small Bots challenges players to re-enter their childhood and let their imagination fuel an unbelievably fun ride unlike anything else on the market. 

Brandon Egolf, CEO of Clique Games, expressed the significance of this release, stating, "Small Bots isn't just another title we are publishing; it represents the next step in gaming and entertainment. It's about rekindling those fond memories of childhood mech robot games, now enhanced with the magic of spatial and hand-tracking technology. Publishing Small Bots allows Clique Games to take the next step in the evolution of gaming and entertainment, and continue to push the boundaries for what publishers in this industry can do for their titles." 

Ryan Bednar, Creative Director & Co-Founder of Atlantika Interactive, reflected on the project, and is excited to see his idea turn into reality. “At Atlantika Interactive, we pride ourselves on pioneering game development, and 'Small Bots' epitomizes our team's innovative spirit and technical expertise. This project highlights our achievements in merging immersive gameplay with compelling storytelling, setting new standards in the gaming world. Working with Clique Games on 'Small Bots' has been an extraordinary journey for Atlantika Interactive. Their expertise in publishing and unwavering support have been pivotal in bringing our vision to life.” Ryan also highlighted the game's innovative features, which he thinks Apple Vision Pro users will enjoy. "Small Bots is a fusion of retro and modern gaming elements. Built exclusively for Apple Vision Pro, our integration of hand-tracking elevates the game to an unprecedented level of player immersion and interactivity, offering a truly novel experience." 

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