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Join the Monkey Madness: 'Monkey Doo' Takes Over Meta Store!

Clique Games and ContinuumXR unveil the Meta store debut of "Monkey Doo," packed with new updates and an exclusive launch bundle driven by player feedback and a vibrant community spirit.

Today, the virtual jungles of The Bermuda Triangle are richer and more alive than ever, as Clique Games announces Monkey Doo's Meta store launch. A testament to innovation and community collaboration, "Monkey Doo" stands out with its unique blend of action, exploration, and humor, enriched by direct feedback taken from our 800,000+ player base. The result? A game that’s not just about swinging through trees and hilarious doo fights, but about creating moments and memories with friends in a game that reflects what our community truly wants.

Check Out the Official Trailer Below!


"Launching 'Monkey Doo' on the Meta store is a milestone we've been eagerly anticipating," said Brandon Egolf, CEO of Clique Games. "But what makes this game special isn't just the mechanics or the technology behind it; it's the incredible players that have rallied around it, making 'Monkey Doo' a true pioneer in social VR gaming."

Spencer Cook, CEO of ContinuumXR, shared his thoughts, "This launch represents the culmination of hard work, innovation, and, most importantly, listening to our players. From optimizing our in-app store to introducing the content our players craved, we've shaped 'Monkey Doo' into a game that reflects what our community truly wants."

Gameplay and Updates:
At the heart of "Monkey Doo" is its innovative gameplay, which combines physical movement with strategy. Players climb, explore, and navigate through floating forests, crocodile infested swamps, lava chasms, and more using their hands to swing on vines, bounce on clouds, slide on ziplines, and of course, climb on trees. "Monkey Doo” is a physically engaging experience with unique ‘doo-throwing’ mechanics that's both fun and challenging.

With the game's launch on the Meta store, "Monkey Doo" is introducing a host of player-driven updates and enhancements that are set to elevate the experience to new heights:

  • Enhanced Graphics and Performance: Expect even more beautiful visuals and smoother gameplay, making your jungle escapades more vivid and immersive.

  • New Maps and Modes: Explore new areas and dive into fresh game modes that will test your skills and keep you coming back for more.

  • Improved Customization: With an expanded collection of cosmetics, you can personalize your monkey avatar to stand out in the crowd or match your mood.

  • Optimized Multiplayer Experience: Thanks to technical improvements, connecting with friends and engaging in multiplayer mayhem is easier and more enjoyable than ever.

  • Continuous Updates and Lore Expansion: The launch is just the beginning. Look forward to ongoing updates that add more content, deepen the game's lore, and introduce new challenges to overcome.

"Monkey Doo" invites players to dive into a world where every tree is a pathway and every clearing a battleground for doo-slinging glory. Experience the thrill of discovering hidden treasures, customizing your monkey, and engaging in epic battles with friends.


Unveiling the "Mega Starter Bundle"

To mark the grand launch of "Monkey Doo VR" on the Meta Store, Clique Games and ContinuumXR are excited to announce the "Mega Starter Bundle" – our most generous offer yet. Priced at an unprecedented $9.99, this bundle is our way of throwing a massive celebration for our players, offering a heap of exclusive in-game items at the deepest discount we've ever given. Dive into the VR jungle armed with an array of stylish accessories and a wealth of Rubies, ensuring your adventure is not just fun, but fabulously unique.

Players can immerse themselves in "Monkey Doo" with a wardrobe and arsenal that's as whimsical as it is wonderful. Items included:

  • Cowboy Hat & Nerd Glasses: Make a statement, whether you're going for rugged charm or geek chic.

  • Toilet Paper & Amorphous Blob: Arm yourself with the quirkiest ammo on offer.

  • Traffic Cone, Doog Dooma Doo, and Pilot Hats; Cat Ears: Turn every game into a fashion show.

  • 5,000 Rubies: Splurge on your style or save up for strategic advantages; the choice is yours.

The "Mega Starter Bundle" Bundle is a way for players to express their individuality, make lasting connections, and dive deeper into the world of "Monkey Doo." This limited-time offer ensures that early adopters and fashion-forward players can showcase their unique styles and stand out in every game lobby. The bundle is a one-time offer, exclusively available for $9.99 until April 1st, 2024. It's a celebration of our launch and our community, and we can't wait for players to join us in style.

Community and Celebration:
The heart of "Monkey Doo" beats strongest in its community. With active game lobbies, an 11k-strong Discord, and a culture of fun and inclusivity, players are never alone in the jungle. To celebrate the launch, an array of prominent VR Creators, including YumYumVR, Viking, StyledSnail, PapaFearGaming, SoulFoxGaming, Boethiah, among others, will be showcasing the game's latest features and hidden lore. Organized into various groups, these creators are set to release a series of videos celebrating the game's debut, each bringing their unique perspective and style to highlight what the new updates have to offer.

Looking Ahead:

The journey for "Monkey Doo" is just beginning. With regular updates and new themed seasons on the horizon, the adventure only gets bigger and better. Players can look forward to a public roadmap revealing thrilling updates, including a not-so-secret battle pass and seasons-based system based on in-game lore events that promise to bring even more depth and excitement to the game.

The jungle awaits – are you ready to make your mark?

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