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Steam Summer Sale Under Way with 6 Clique Games Titles Discounted

The Steam Summer Sale has officially launched and will be running through July 13th. Clique Games has joined in the festivities and is offering 6 different titles at a discounted rate.

Check them all out below!


Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu

20% Off on Steam

In Dragon Fist: Kung Fu VR, Players Must Defeat the Dragon Master...After Defeating Everyone Else

When a powerful, ruthless master emerges in the world of martial arts, it awakens many emotions. From the ambitious master looking for a challenge, to the wronged peasant sworn to revenge, to the jealous emperor who wants to be the sole ruler of the people, it causes many people to fight each other to achieve their own selfish goals. Players must face these opponents on their way to find and defeat the Dragon Master once and for all.


Coffin Rot Brewing Co.

66% Off on Steam

Leap into the bootstraps of a grog-slinging bartender dishing out drinks and lead to the living undead!

You pick up where your no-name, no-face, good-for-nothing father left off. Doomed to an eternity of serving grog and staving off the army of the undead is all you have ever known during your miserable existence. No sense of time passing or age gained – just you and your bar. Any sense of greed or fortune will inevitably come crashing down. Ever since your predecessor dug up what should have stayed buried to build this rotten tavern, bad luck befell this lineage. This place was built by the very same waterlogged caskets that once held your sleeping enemies. They return once again to destroy the sole thing that keeps this place breathing – gold. It is up to you to work against the curse that your father passed down, and restore the glory that once was Coffin Rot Brewing Co.


Jetpack Stadium

50% Off on Steam

Jetpack Stadium is a hilarious VR sports game that will have you flying around a virtual stadium. Use your head to hit a massive soccer ball into your opponent's goal using two hand-mounted rockets. Duke it out against other players in a soccer-like competition!


Jetpack Vacation

75% Off on Steam

Prepare to take flight! Explore a tropical paradise with your own handheld jetpacks where you can hang out with other players, score some goals in Jetpack Stadium, or try your hand at target shooting! Pack your virtual bags and get ready for your own Jetpack Vacation!



20% Off on Steam

Bubbbles is a casual VR puzzle game where you'll need to get to the core of a pile of bubb(b)les! Match the correct color / texture bubbles to remove all similar touching bubbles while more fly in from the sky to throw you off.


-Bubble Popping in VR

-20 Different Levels


-Realistic Physics

-Scaling Difficulty


VR Dodgeball Trainer

75% Off on Steam

VR Dodgeball Trainer was designed from the ground up by professional dodgeball players to give you the dodging prowess to survive out on the court. Watch out as these red menaces soar over your dome, leaving you constantly on your toes. Can you take on waves of enemies as the pressure rises?

Welcome to VR Dodgeball Trainer!

It's time to practice your skills in this dodging focused training game! Try out 3 different game modes that train you for dodgeball avoidance in realistic and... unorthodox ways.

Are you ready to dodge like the pros?

VR Dodgeball Trainer was designed from the ground up by professional dodgeball players to give you the dodging prowess to survive out on the court. Watch out as these red menaces soar over your dome, leaving you constantly on your toes. Can you take on waves of beefy cubed up'd enemies as the pressure rises?

Train like never before with a fully customizable court of foes!

Looking for a light workout, or an unending onslaught of face smashin' rubber? With Training mode you have full customizability:

Train with the pros

  • Change the # of opponents

  • Control Throw speed

  • Increase # of opponents throwing at once

  • Bring opponents to court front or back

  • And some secret controls...

Unending wave combat with Classic Mode.

Enter the Classic Mode to take on an ever increasing court of enemies who can bring the heat! Each time you survive a wave, more players get added to your field for a max of 6. But think fast! After your court is filled with all 6 players, they'll head back to the locker room and bring out their faster players. By the end of Classic Mode, you'll be up against the fastest 6 throwers VR Dodgeball Trainer has to offer!

Get silly with it!

Ready to relax after a hard day of head bobbin'? Hop into arcade mode and play around with our stupidly fun mini-game modes! Take on a range of unexpected challenges while the waves get harder and harder.

Arcade Gamemodes

  • Saber Mode

  • Bullet Time Mode

  • Shield Mode

  • Gun Mode

  • Curveball Mode

  • Big Balls Mode

  • and more...

Watch your back in 360 Mode!

That's right! You thought dodging straight ahead was challenge? Well, just wait until you're surrounded by all sides with nothing but your raw speed and agility to keep you from getting absolutely wailed on. In 360 Mode challengers begin spawning all around you, forcing you to keep moving your body and ducking at every turn. Use 360 Mode to do Training, Classic, or even Arcade Mode!


Enjoy the Steam Summer Sale! Running now through July 13th.

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