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"The Dooluminati": the Most Exclusive Club in Monkey Doo!

Monkey Doo launches The Dooluminati

Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of the elite? We are thrilled to announce the launch of The Dooluminati, an exclusive, apply-to-join ambassador program designed for the most enthusiastic and dedicated content creators in the Monkey Doo community.

Member Perks:

As a member of The Dooluminati, you’ll enjoy a range of exclusive perks designed to reward your dedication and creativity, including:

The Gold Dooluminati Belt is the rarest cosmetic in Monkey Doo.

  • Custom & Exclusive Cosmetics: Receive the rarest in-game item, the Golden Dooluminati Belt.

Access free bundles.

  • Exclusive Bundles: Access free bundles every two months to enhance your gameplay experience.

Get exclusive merch.

  • Exclusive Merch: Receive exclusive Monkey Doo merchandise to showcase your elite status.

Get Rubies

  • Get Rubies: Earn monthly rubies to spend on in-game items and upgrades.

  • Exclusive Discord Access: Join a private Discord server to connect directly with developers and other top creators.

  • Special Rewards: Unlock additional rewards as you progress through the tiers of the program.

Dooluminati's All-Seeing Eye.

What is The Monkey Dooluminati?

The Dooluminati is a secret society for content creators who are passionate about Monkey Doo and eager to share their love for the game. This program provides creators with unique opportunities to connect directly with our game developers and gain access to exclusive rewards, including the rarest cosmetic in the game: the Golden Dooluminati Belt.

Requirements to Join:


  • Must love Monkey Doo and represent it with enthusiasm.

  • Your community must be interested in Monkey Doo.

  • Create authentic and genuine content.


  • Follow Monkey Doo community guidelines and promote them within your community.

  • Find community guidelines here.


  • Maintain point requirements after acceptance to retain status.

How to Join:

Interested creators must complete an application form to join The Dooluminati. This form allows our team to learn more about you, your content style, and your community. After submitting your application, please be patient; we receive many applications and each one takes time to review.

Step 1: Check out the Dooluminati Overview Page.

Step 2: Apply Here. 

If Accepted, You'll Recieve:

  • An invitation to the exclusive Dooluminati Discord Server

  • A Golden Dooluminati Belt cosmetic added to your Monkey Doo account

Monkey Doo Golden Dooluminati Belt Cosmetic.

About the Discord:

Channels include:

  • Brand Guidelines: Latest Monkey Doo branded materials for your videos.

  • Game Updates: Information, photos, and videos on current and upcoming game versions.

  • Game Suggestions: A place to suggest changes you’d like to see.

  • Support: Request assistance.

  • Tier Channels: Chat with creators in your tier level.

  • Creator Lobbies: Invite other creators to join your lobby.

Points System and Tiers:

Creators earn points by submitting content that promotes Monkey Doo in a genuine and enthusiastic manner. Engage your audience with game-related content to earn points. Points are earned through various types of content such as TikToks, YouTube videos, and livestreams. For example:

  • TikTok, YouTube Short, or IG Reels: 1 point

  • YouTube Video (8 min +): 3 points

  • Livestream (30 min +): 1 point

Creators start in Tier 1 and can upgrade by reaching point requirements and applying to the next tier. Each tier offers additional benefits, such as access to exclusive Discord channels and in-game rewards.

For more detailed information on points and tiers, check out the Dooluminati Overview Page.

Featured Members:

Meet some of the pioneering members of The Dooluminati and get inspired by their content:

Ready to join the ranks of the Dooluminati in Monkey Doo?

Apply now to be part of this secret society and start your journey towards exclusive rewards and unparalleled community connections.

Step 1: Check out the Dooluminati Overview Page.

Step 2: Apply Here. 

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