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Survival Mode and Thanksgiving-Themed Cosmetics in Monkey Doo VR!

Greetings Monkey Doo Fans!

We're thrilled to bring you some exciting news about the latest updates to your favorite VR gaming experience – Monkey Doo VR! As we continue to evolve and enhance the game, we're delighted to introduce two major updates that will take your poo-throwing adventures to new heights: Survival Mode and Thanksgiving-Themed Cosmetics.

Survival Mode: Dodge the Doo, Keep Your Balloons!

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate challenge with the all-new Survival Mode in Monkey Doo VR. Imagine a gameplay experience reminiscent of Mario Kart battles, where you have multiple lives represented by balloons on the back of your cart. But instead of racing, mischievous monkeys are on a mission to throw their poop at you, attempting to smack you with it to remove your precious lives!

Survival Mode adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the Monkey Doo-niverse. Test your skills, dodge those incoming doo doo attacks, and strive to be the last monkey to survive! It's a thrilling addition that promises hours of fun and a unique twist to the swinging mayhem!

Fall-Themed Cosmetics: Embrace the Harvest Vibes!

Get ready to deck out your monkeys in style with our brand-new Fall-Themed Cosmetics. We're introducing two fantastic bundles that let you show off your Thanksgiving spirit:

Ultimate Turkey Bundle Receive a unique cosmetic featuring a turkey beak with 14 different variants, plus a x2 banana multiplier on the next round. Stand out in the jungle with this exclusive item that adds a touch of Thanksgiving flair to your monkey avatar.

Ultimate Pilgrim Bundle Upgrade your look with the Pilgrim Hat and a doodoo crafted in the likeness of a husk of corn. Both items offer 14 different variants, so you can definitely find ones you will love! This bundle is the perfect way to celebrate the season with a hilarious twist, making your monkey the talk of the jungle.

Horde Mode: A Year-Round Challenge

While we bid farewell to the spooky Halloween festivities, fear not! Horde Mode is here to stay. Take on waves of challenges with your friends and face off against hungry crocodiles in this cooperative mode. Work together to overcome the horde and emerge victorious, all while enjoying the heart-pounding action Monkey Doo VR is known for.


Stay Tuned for More!

But wait, there's more! We're not done yet – we have even more exciting updates lined up for next month. Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned to our channels for announcements in the coming weeks. We're committed to making Monkey Doo VR the best it can be, and we can't wait for you to experience all the new thrills and surprises that await.

Thank you for being part of the Monkey Doo-mmunity. Strap in, dodge the doo, and let the jungle adventures continue!

Game on!

Until Next Time,

The Clique Games Team


About Clique Games

Clique Games is a pioneering VR publisher committed to pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment. With a passion for innovation, Clique Games creates immersive experiences that captivate and inspire players worldwide.

About Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo VR

Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo is a unique locomotion, multiplayer game where players are monkeys who race to collect bananas and throw monkey “doo doo” at other players to gain a competitive edge.

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