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Unleash the Festive Chaos in Monkey Doo VR - Christmas Updates Are Here!

'Tis the Season for Monkey Mischief: Unwrapping Joy and Laughter in Monkey Doo VR's Christmas Spectacle!

Dear Clique Games Community,

Get ready for a wild and festive adventure as Monkey Doo VR gears up for an epic Christmas update! Following the success of our Thanksgiving update that brought fall-themed cosmetics and survival mode, we're thrilled to announce that Monkey Doo VR is taking the holiday season to a whole new level.

If you haven't joined the Monkey Doo VR community yet, now is the perfect time! Head to AppLab and grab your FREE download to swing on vines, throw doo at your friends, climb everything in sight, and embark on mischievous missions in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle.

What to Expect in Monkey Doo Season 1, Part 1: Christmas X-travaganza

Swing on Vines, Throw Doo, and Climb Everything!

Monkey Doo Season 1, Part 1 catapults players into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, where mischievous monkeys embark on riotous adventures to collect bananas and engage in wild doo doo-flinging competitions. With innovative swinging mechanics and playful physics, this immersive jungle experience guarantees hours of fun with friends.

Unwrap Christmas in Monkey Doo VR

Custom Hands: Personalize your in-game experience by customizing your monkey's hands, adding a unique touch to your Monkey Doo VR adventures.

Christmas Doos: Dive into the holiday spirit with festive and holiday-themed doos, turning your doo flinging into a Christmas spectacle.

Santa Mall Bongo: Explore the new interactive Santa Mall Bongo, adding a special touch to the in-game environment and enhancing your Christmas journey.

Re-themed Maps: Every map gets a festive makeover, providing a visually appealing and fresh experience for players.

Rebranded Horde Mode: Crocs on Ice with Santa: Brace yourself for a Christmas-themed horde mode featuring crocs on ice with Santa, combining spookiness and holiday cheer.

Interactive Cosmetics: Enjoy the addition of interactable cosmetic items like the Gingerbread Man Cookie, adding a fun and immersive element to Monkey Doo VR.

New Cosmetic Type for Player Hands: Introducing a new cosmetic type designed specifically for player hands, offering even more customization options.

Enhanced Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with Christmas decorations transforming the in-game environment and a holiday soundtrack in MD style.

Differentiated Player Experience: Players on Ice: Experience a unique twist as players navigate the game on ice, providing an exciting change to the usual gameplay dynamics.

Get Ready to Fling some Christmas Doo! - Christmas Updates are Now Live!

Don't miss out on the festive mayhem! Update your Monkey Doo VR on December 5th and dive into the Christmas spirit with friends. Get ready to swing, climb, and fling your way through the holidays in Monkey Doo style.

Spread the word, share the excitement, and let's make this Monkey Doo VR Christmas unforgettable!

Happy Holidays,

The Monkey Doo VR Team

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