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Neolithic Dawn's VR Multiplayer "Campfire" Hangout- Where Prehistoric Survival Meets Endless Fun

Players can subscribe to the Neolithic Dawn Patreon to Gain Access to the Campfire Multiplayer Hangout.

Neolithic Dawn, the highly anticipated open-world survival game that has already captured the hearts of 117k TikTok followers during its early stages of development, has officially launched its Campfire Multiplayer Hangout–available to all Neolithic Dawn Patrons starting September 15th. Developed in collaboration with Clique Games, the full version of the game is set to debut in 2024.

The Neolithic Dawn Campfire Hangout promises an exciting multiplayer testing ground where players can experience all the game has to offer before anyone else. This immersive experience allows gamers to blend the thrill of prehistoric survival with the joy of connecting with friends.

Here's what Patrons can look forward to:

  1. Unique Gaming Experience: Immerse yourself in 10,000 BC North America with "Neolithic Dawn," a VR survival game that defies convention. Explore the life of an Ice Age hunter-gatherer and rediscover your ancestral homeland in this physics-based survival adventure

  2. Exclusive Access with Campfire Hangout: Subscribers to the Neolithic Dawn Patreon will enjoy early access to the Campfire Hangout. It's not just about playing the game; it's about becoming a part of its evolution. Try out new features and provide valuable feedback to shape the game's future.

  3. Amazing Patron Perks: As a patron, you'll receive special in-game cosmetics, unique name colors, exclusive Discord roles, and access to private chats. What's more, you'll have the chance to engage in live monthly Q&A sessions with the game's developers themselves!

  4. Stay & Play: The longer you support Neolithic Dawn on Patreon, the more rewards you'll unlock. Stick around, and you'll receive the full game for FREE, along with a host of other evolving benefits.

James Bellian, CEO of Neolithic LLC, expressed his excitement about the Campfire Hangout, stating, "This multiplayer hangout is not just about playing a game; it's about forging connections and being a part of something special. With early access to the Campfire Hangout, Patrons will be on the front lines of Neolithic Dawn's development, helping us shape the future of this incredible VR survival experience."

Brandon Egolf, CEO of Clique Games, the publisher partnering with Neolithic Dawn, shared his enthusiasm, saying, "Neolithic Dawn has created an unbelievably unique blend of exploration, survival, and social gameplay. Neolithic Dawn is a major step for VR, challenging the industry's existing limitations and forging new paths we think many will follow in the future. We are incredibly proud of the team's progress and more than excited to be a part of this journey!"

Waylon Fisher, COO of Clique Games, also added, "At Clique Games, we believe in the power of gaming to connect people and create unforgettable experiences. Neolithic Dawn's Campfire Hangout exemplifies this belief, offering players a chance to not only enjoy a unique VR adventure but also to be active contributors to its development."

Players can subscribe to the Neolithic Dawn Patreon to Gain Access to the Campfire Hangout. Additionally, they can join the Neolithic Dawn Discord server to connect with fellow enthusiasts, explorers, and the development team.

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About Clique Games

Clique Games is a VR publisher & developer that seeks to push Virtual Reality to new heights. Whether it be Hand-Tracking technologies or advanced physics simulation, Clique Games always reaches higher to set a new bar for what VR gaming can be. Clique Games are high octane, infinitely replayable, and accessible for all players.

About Neolithic LLC

Neolithic LLC is a game development studio committed to creating unique and captivating experiences. With their upcoming release, Neolithic Dawn, the company aims to transport players to a mesmerizing world and challenge their survival instincts in a thrilling VR setting.

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